Community Outreach Unit

Trained by the Florida Attorney General’s Office and holding the designation of “Florida Crime Prevention Practitioner,” the Community Outreach Unit is committed to the educational needs of the citizens of our community.  This unit is comprised of personnel that are trained in Residential Security, Commercial Security and Program Development.  These personnel are also certified as Convenience Store Security Inspectors through the Florida Attorney General’s Office.


The Community Outreach Unit provides educational presentations and security surveys to our local businesses and residential areas throughout Martin County at no charge. The Community Outreach Unit offers the following presentations and surveys.

Neighborhood Watch

One of the most effective programs in America, the Neighborhood Watch was created to make specific geographic areas more crime resistant. Communities and law enforcement working together reduce the amount of crime occurring within a neighborhood. 

The Martin County Sheriff’s Office has approximately 50 active Neighborhood Watch communities in the county.

Identity Theft

One of the fastest growing crimes in America, identity theft presentations educate the residents of Martin County. Citizens need to be aware of the extent of the problem, how identity theft is committed, steps or measures they can take to minimize the chance of being victimized and what they should do if they are the victim of identity theft.

Personal Safety

This presentation is provided to groups for the purpose of their individual safety, whether it is in the car or on foot.

Bike Safety

These presentations inform the area youth on the importance of the proper way to ride a bicycle, usage of hand signals, and the importance of wearing a helmet.

Child Lures

This very effective presentation is geared to small children on personal safety, what to look for, and how to report it.

Residential Security Surveys

Residents of the county are entitled to a “free” security survey of their homes.

Commercial Security Surveys

Commercial Businesses may request a security survey of their business to:

  • Determine existing security conditions
  • Determine the level or amount of protection needed
  • Identify security deficiencies related to existing conditions
  • Make recommendations for improvement

Convenience Store Security Surveys

The Convenience Business Security Act requires that certain security devices and standards be established at all convenience businesses open any time between 11 pm and 5 am A representative from this unit may inspect these stores, making sure all the standards are being met.