Media Relations

The Media Relations Office is directly responsible for the timely release of accurate information regarding arrests, ongoing investigations, programs, and services provided by the agency. In addition, the Office helps to provide community outreach and the promotion of public safety.


All inquires from local, state, national and international media outlets are handled by the Media Relations Office. The Public Information Officer (PIO) responds to high profile incidents and acts as the spokesperson for Sheriff Snyder and the Agency.

Public Record Laws

The State of Florida has very liberal public record laws and every effort is made to assist media representatives with the preparation and dissemination of information regarding public safety issues. The Office also helps to provide the public with a look into the multitude of activities supported by the Agency and the Deputies. An active and vital arm of the Sheriff's Office, the Media Relations Office serves as the voice between your Sheriff and its citizens.

Media Relations On-Call Policy

The Media Relations Office strives to be responsive and professional, acting in compliance with the Florida Public Records law and in the best interest of the agency, the news media, and the people of Martin County. Routine media inquiries and records requests are handled as expeditiously as possible during normal business hours. After hours and on weekends, the Media Relations Office is always on-call for emergencies and for significant breaking news events.

After hours, the Media Relations Office will generally not have information regarding non-fatal car crashes, routine arrests, crimes not resulting in death or critical injury, or the status of cases that are not considered breaking news.

Written records, including arrest affidavits and incident reports, are not made available to the Media Relations Office after hours or on weekends, however, arrest reports can be obtained by the media from the Booking Supervisor at the Martin County Jail.