Dive Team

About Our Dive TeamMCSO diver in the water with rescue boat in the background

M.C.S.O’s Dive Team responds to emergency situations where life or property is threatened in an underwater environment. This includes all waterways within the county (ocean, inland waterways, canals, lakes and ponds). MCSO’s Dive Team also provides underwater search and recovery missions locating drowning victims, diving accidents, submerged vehicles & aircraft, evidence and other property. The Dive Team is responsible for investigating underwater crime scenes to include scene evaluation, search, recovery of evidence, and for proper documentation for court presentation. 5 deputies and one civilian staff the Dive Team as part-time members who have other full time responsibilities within the Sheriff’s Office . Members are available on a 24/7 call out basis. The Dive Team responds to numerous missions per year and provides mutual aid to other local, county and state agencies when requested.

The Martin County Sheriff's Dive Team consists of four certified Master Divers. All Dive Team members are equipped with standardized equipment that includes dry suits, Interspiro full-face masks and wireless communications. Dive Team member are trained to Master Diver / Dive Rescue International Public Safety Diver

MCSO’s Dive Team training and capabilities include:

  • Dive scene search & recovery
  • Underwater death investigations recovery techniques
  • Deep water & wreck penetration diving
  • Waterborne boat operations Underwater video and photography.
  • Water survival
  • Hazardous materials exposure

MCSO Diver in the Water

Our Team's Mission

The primary mission of the Dive Team is underwater evidence recovery and crime scene processing. Our divers are trained to perform these tasks in water with little to no visibility. In addition to working closely with the other units of this agency, the Dive Team has been requested to assist numerous other local, state and federal agencies. In the past, the Dive Team has recovered:MCSO Diver with recovered handgun

  • Cell phones
  • Airboats
  • Firearms
  • Human remains
  • Stolen vehicles
  • Vessels