Administrative Operations Division

The Administrative Operations Division personnel of the Martin County Sheriff's Office are made up primarily of civilian personnel. These men and women are the backbone of the agency. They work diligently behind the scenes in an effort to assist sworn personnel and the citizens of Martin County. Their voices may be heard over the phone or they may be seen in person as they provide necessary services.

Individual Placement

You will find these individuals in every department of the agency; from Dispatchers that have the tremendous responsibility of answering calls for emergencies to Clerks that take care of data entry; Technical Support that makes sure our equipment runs efficiently, and Mechanics to ensure the safety of the deputies that traverse through the neighborhoods of Martin County.

Unsung Heroes

Every task that is undertaken by the support personnel is for the ultimate benefit of the citizens of Martin County. Many are unsung heroes who give of their knowledge, experience, and expertise to see that their job gets done in an effective and efficient manner.