Court Services

Court Security Unit 

The Court Security Unit is supervised by two sergeants who oversee 21 Court Security Deputies. These Deputies fulfill the statutory requirements of the Sheriff’s Office to maintain order and decorum in all Martin County Courtrooms. 

Commonly referred to as “Bailiffs”, these deputy sheriffs fulfill a much broader role including protection of the Judicial Branch. Additionally, this unit provides a force protection element at all entrances and buildings encompassing the Courthouse Complex. These deputies interact with a vast number of elected officials, attorneys, clerks and the public at large daily, providing protection for not only the buildings, but the grounds of the Complex. 

In addition, this unit is tasked with safeguarding County Commission Meetings or special events, as requested. This group of men and women are highly trained in critical incident response as well as other specialty training related to force protection.  

Court Holding Unit

The Court Holding Unit is supervised by a sergeant who oversees four court holding deputies. These deputies are responsible for the temporary care, custody, control, and supervision of all offenders transported from the jail or other authority, awaiting a scheduled court appearance. Additionally, these deputies are responsible for taking custody of all persons remanded to the custody of the Sheriff by the Judicial Branch. This unit manages more than 1,500 incarcerated offenders each year. 

 Courthouse Containment Team

The Courthouse Containment Team is led by a lieutenant and sergeant. “CCT” Deputies receive specialized training to isolate and contain an incident as well as respond to any critical incident at the Courthouse Complex for which a tactical response is deemed necessary. These deputies have been called upon to provide initial tactical team coverage during critical incidents at the Courthouse Complex as well as assist other divisions of the Sheriff’s Office with high-risk escorts for trials or other events. The deputies on this team are trained in the use of different weapons platforms, tactics, and advanced de-escalation techniques.