Community Services Unit

The Community Services Unit is the point of contact for all agency logistical support and deployment.


Both public and in-house agency events are coordinated and attended by the Community Services Unit, along with other areas of responsibility:

  • Agency Historian
    • Keeper of all historical photographs and documents from the creation of Martin County in 1925, to current times
  • Community Organizations
    • Represent and speak for the agency at community, civic and fraternal organizations
  • Community Programs/Public Affairs
    • Co-host the monthly Neighborhood Watch Meeting
    • Facilitate all tours of the sheriff’s office and Martin County Jail
    • Point of contact, and if requested, attend neighborhood associations, homeowners association/property owners association meetings, and special events to hear concerns, mitigate, plan and suggest remedies
  • Emergency Management
    • Assist the Sheriff’s Office Emergency Management Coordinator and represent the sheriff’s office in the Martin County Emergency Operations Center during activation
    • Assist the sheriff’s office radio liaison coordinator
    • Coordinate field operations and assets before, during, and after an Emergency Operations Center activation or disaster
    • Maintain all Emergency Management assets and supplies with logistical support
  • Special Purpose Asset Management and Deployment
    • Manage and coordinate the request, use, dispersal, and maintenance of all special purpose sheriff’s office assets, utilized both in-house and field operations
  • Webpage Coordinator
    • Maintain the public Martin County Sheriff’s Office website