New Resident Information

Welcome to Martin County!

Our mission is to serve and safeguard all persons in Martin County and ensure the quality of life through effective delivery of law enforcement.

As a new resident to Martin County; WELCOME!  You have chosen a wonderful place to settle down and enjoy what Martin County has to offer.  

To get you started in all of your crime prevention efforts, we would like to offer you the Martin County Sheriff’s Office Document Keeper, a document bag welcome gift that includes additional new resident information. We suggest you collect your important documents in one place using this document bag. Then secure it in a fireproof, waterproof safe that is secured to the floor or wall. In the event you need these documents quickly, just grab the bag and go.

You can stop by the Sheriff's Office to pick it up, or we can mail it to you. Just fill out the New Resident Form and either return by email or bring back it to the Martin County Sheriff’s Office. This offer applies to new residents only as we can only provide one per household.  If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Laurie Weber.

As you relax in your new home, here are a few items you may want to think about:

  • Join our Neighborhood Watch program.  This group gathers once a month, virtually due to COVID-19, to discuss what has transpired in their respective neighborhoods and to be given information on the latest crime trends. For more information, contact Trisha Kukuvka.
  • Join our Eye Watch program where you can register your outside video cameras with our agency.  This allows us access to the cameras in case a crime occurs in your neighborhood. The Martin County Sheriff’s Office is requesting your assistance in fighting crime with the Eye Watch Program. The program allows citizens and businesses within the county to register their security camera systems. When working to solve a crime, detectives may request video evidence captured by a registered system. Registering a security camera is voluntary, and even after registration, citizens and businesses are not required to share camera footage. Video evidence can be extremely useful in solving a case by revealing factual events regarding a crime, such as location, date, time, and other physical characteristics that can be identified using video evidence.  Registration is simple and only takes a few minutes. There is no cost associated with registration and registration of a system is confidential. You may opt out of the program at any time by written request.
  • The Martin County Tax Collector is an agent for the Florida Department of Highway Safety and Motor Vehicles. Florida residents from any county may receive driver license and motor vehicle services at all Martin County Tax Collector locations. Services provided by the Martin County Tax Collector include, but are not limited to the following:

    • Change the address on your motor vehicle’s registration 
    • Register your boat within Martin County  
    • Registration of monitored home alarm systems
  • If you have school aged children and need to register them for school, you will find information here, including the necessary paperwork needed to register them with the Martin County School District.
  • Register to vote in Martin County at the Supervisor of Elections Office.  Here you will find answers to any questions regarding voting in Martin County.    
  • Join “Alert Martin”.  This program allows us to send you emergency notifications via email, phone, cell phone, or text.  

Here are some important MCSO phone numbers which you might find helpful:

Non-Emergency / Dispatch772-220-7170
Animal Services772-463-3211
Community Operations (School Resource, COP)772-220-7149
Corrections (jail)772-220-7200
Crime Prevention772-320-4737
Criminal Investigations772-220-7060
Human Resources772-220-7023
Indiantown (including Agricultural Crimes)772-220-7190
Media Relations772-220-7146
Special Investigations (Narcotics)772-220-7160
Special Operations (Aviation, Marine, K-9)772-220-7149
Road Patrol772-220-7140
Traffic Enforcement772-220-7144