Civil Process

Civil Process Department

The Martin County Sheriff Office Civil Process Department provides service of both enforceable and non-enforceable court documents from around the country. The clerks within the Civil Process Department are tasked with the processing of service requests, coordination of eviction procedures, and drafting of return affidavits for the court files. They process both in-state and out-of-state service requests from the general public as well as the legal community. The Civil Process Department also coordinates the execution of orders for involuntary mental health evaluation as well as orders of protection and non-criminal warrants.

Civil Service Unit

The Civil Service Unit is primarily responsible for the expeditious service of court-related documents such as subpoenas, protective injunctions, writs, levies, etc. to persons involved in civil and criminal court proceedings.  The unit transports persons in need of mental health and substance abuse assistance to appropriate treatment facilities, provides security for the Martin County Tax Collector offices, and bailiff services for public meetings such as the Board of County Commissioners, Local Planning Agency, Metropolitan Planning Organization, and Code Enforcement hearings, among others.

Pretrial Services Program 

The Martin County Sheriff Office Pretrial Services Program provides defendants in mental health and non-violent criminal cases the opportunity to maintain daily living while awaiting trial.  Pretrial Coordinators are tasked with monitoring defendants by direction of the Courts whether it be through in-person checks, biometric check-in, or 24/7 GPS monitoring. The goal of the Pretrial Program is to lessen the financial burden of the county by allowing those that may be unable to meet monetary bond requirements the option of abiding by strict program guidelines that may include, but are not limited to, employment verification, 24/7 alcohol monitoring, random urinalysis testing for drug use, and home confinement.