Rapid Response Team

What Is the Rapid Response Team?

The Rapid Response Team consists of approximately 40 members whose directive is to respond in States of Emergency both local and potentially nationwide. 

MCSO's Rapid Response Team in the Florida Keys after storm damage

Since its reincarnation, the Rapid Response Team has organized locally in preparation for several impending hurricanes but also in cases of potential civil unrest and general security. The Team has also deployed throughout the state of Florida to include the Florida Keys in the wake of Hurricane Irma, St Johns County for Hurricane Matthew and Panama City for Hurricane Michael and we were prepped and ready for deployments in North Carolina for severe flooding and Louisiana for another hurricane. Natural disasters aside the team has also been deployed for security and protection during the last two presidential inaugurations and a deployment to Gainesville in preparation for major protests.

MCSO's Rapid Response Team posing in Washington DC prior to the 2016 inauguration

Our Tools and Abilities

In addition to personnel, our assets include mobile air conditioning trailers with reassigned military tent, bathroom trailers and various items self sustaining equipment used in deployments such as hurricanes where major power outages occur. We also deploy high water rescue vehicles from repurposed US military surplus LMTV’s that are able to reach flood zones because of their size and height from the ground.

MCSO's Rapid Response Team in Gainesville