Training Unit

Why We Train

The Training Unit conducts ongoing training for agency personnel to maintain state required certifications for both law enforcement and corrections personnel. Additionally, annual training is provided to agency sworn members to enhance individual skill levels in firearms, vehicle operations, communications skills/de-escalation techniques, defensive tactics, state statutes and agency policies. 

The Unit also provides specialized training in the form of hosted training for both sworn and civilian personnel by contracting outside instructors and vendors to ensure our members are receiving the most current and timely instruction in the industry. Unit personnel provide training for all new hire personnel to prepare them for service within the agency and maintains the Field Training Program. The Unit also maintains the armory for the agency and ensures that sworn members are properly equipped with the best equipment available to perform their duties in serving the community.

How Often Do We Train?

Depending on the skillset being taught, training is provided on an a semi-annual, annual and on a four year cycle, as mandated by agency policy and/or state requirements.

Our Training Staff

The Training Unit consists of eight personnel: one lieutenant, one sergeant, four corporals, and two civilian employees. The Training Unit serves the training needs of the entire agency, both civilian and sworn members in the Law Enforcement and Corrections Departments, approximately 600 employees total.